Volume 4 - Issue 3

COVER 4-3Metabolic Surgery – Roux-Y gastric bypass with elongated bilio-pancreatic limb for diabetes treatment (from CellR4 2016; 4(3): e2068, with permission).

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2089

Pancreatic islet transplantation into the bone marrow

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2084

Autologous dermal fibroblasts for the correction of age-related skin changes (SPRS-therapy®). Results of 2-year clinical trials and post-marketing clinical studies

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2068

Metabolic surgery and beta cell regeneration in type-1 diabetes: a novel hypothesis

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2066

The metalloporphyrin BMX-010 in human islet isolation and clinical transplantation