Aims and Scope

CellR4 (Cellular Repair, Replacement, Regeneration & Reprogramming – e-ISSN: 2329-7042, Verduci International; Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili) serves as a multidisciplinary, cross-platform “open source” e-journal which seeks articles related to the field of regenerative medicine, spanning from fundamental new discoveries in basic science to translational research (“bench-to-bedside” research), methods and protocols, clinical trials, and identification of novel therapeutic targets. CellR4 publishes brief communications, case reports, case reports and literature review, clinical protocols, clinical trials, commentaries and perspective articles, conference proceedings, editorials, letters to the Editor, meta-analyses, meeting reports, opinion papers, original articles, systematic reviews, reviews, standard methods and operating procedures. Topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, cell-based therapies,organ replacement therapies, solid organ and cell transplantation, tissue engineering, cellular reprogramming mechanisms and technologies, and regenerative pharmacology.

Articles are published on an ongoing basis through a continuous publication model. All full-text articles published in CellR4 are freely available to readers.

CellR4 also serves as a trusted and authoritative platform aimed to discuss challenges and opportunities on the path to development, delivery and clinical application of novel therapeutic options for a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases. Moreover, CellR4 covers publications on regulatory, legal and ethical issues, and welcomes submissions regarding global collaborative platforms and funding opportunities related to the field of regenerative medicine.

CellR4 offers authors quick review and decision times and global distribution for their research via its open access format. CellR4 evaluates the scientific methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research quality. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed and professionally copyedited and typeset to ensure quality.

CellR4 also serves as the Official Journal of The Cure Alliance and Fondazione Cure Alliance Onlus (, two linked non-profit international organizations including scientists, researchers, physicians, patient advocates, innovators, business and philanthropy leaders, with the mission to promote collaborative efforts worldwide while addressing and working to resolve impediments and challenges on the path to developing cures for incurable diseases afflicting humankind. The main goal of The Cure Alliance is to help accelerate potential cures from bench to bedside. In this regard, The Cure Alliance is now dedicated to advancing science towards finding an effective cure for COVID-19, which has been posing serious threats to global health since the beginning of the pandemic.

CellR4 is grateful to its Editorial Board members, who are internationally-recognized experts in the field of regenerative medicine affiliated with the most prestigious Universities and Institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.

Please note that any future editorial compensation will be donated to The Cure Alliance and Fondazione Cure Alliance Onlus, in support of their strategic mission. We are looking forward to receiving high-quality scientific contributions to the journal.