Aims and Scope

The journal CELLR4 is a multidisciplinary, cross-platform “open source” e-publication in the areas of cell repair, replacement, regeneration, reprogramming and differentiation. The full text of the articles is free of charge on the Home page. CELLR4 also serves as the official journal of The Cure Alliance ( and of the Fondazione Cure Alliance Onlus, two linked non-profit international organizations that include physicians, scientists, patients, patient advocates, business and philanthropy leaders, with the mission to promote collaborative efforts worldwide, while addressing and working to resolve impediments and challenges on the path to develop cures for diseases now afflicting humankind.  In this direction, the publication will also serve as a shared communication platform to discuss challenges and opportunities on the path to develop new treatments. Many of these topics are shared by most translational efforts in the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine, independently from the specific disease area they are targeting. Therefore, CELLR4 will also have sections on regulatory, legal, and ethical issues, as well as global collaborative platforms and funding opportunities of interest. CELLR4 is grateful to the Editorial Board for their enthusiastic support to this initiative and is looking forward to welcoming your contributions to the journal.

NOTE: Any future editorial compensation will be donated to The Cure Alliance and Fondazione Cure Alliance Onlus, in support of their strategic mission.