Volume 3 - Issue 2

Volume-3-Issue-22Z-Stack of confocal images (n=10) of human adipose tissue cell clusters processed by a non-enzymatic processing method (Lipogems®), showing adipocytes in orange and nuclei in green (far red nuclear stain) at 10x magnification. The picture shows the presence of a significant number of nucleated cells comprising the stromal vascular fraction present within the human adipocyte cell clusters obtained with this processing method. Fanuel Messaggio, Ph.D, Cell Transplant Center, Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, USA.

CellR4 2015; 3 (2): e1562

Safety Study of Intravenously Administered Human Cord Blood Stem Cells in the Treatment of Symptoms Related to Chronic Inflammation – Before Author’s Corrections

CellR4 2015; 3 (2): e1544

Recovery of Function in Anal Incontinence After Micro-Fragmented Fat Graft (Lipogems®) Injection: Two Years Follow Up of the First 5 Cases

CellR4 2015; 3 (2): e1542

Insulin Independence Achieved After Islet Transplantation Through an Indwelling Catheter in the Umbilical Vein – Before Author’s Corrections