Metabolic Surgery – Roux-Y gastric bypass with elongated bilio-pancreatic limb for diabetes treatment (from CellR4 2016; 4(3): e2068, with permission).

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Its scope ranges from fundamental new discoveries in basic science to translational, clinical trials and delivery of novel therapeutic options.

CellR4 aims to be also a platform for discussion of challenges and opportunities on the path to the development of new treatments, independently from the disease target.

CellR4 will also publish commentaries and opinion papers on regulatory, legal, and ethical issues, as well as publish information on global collaborative platforms and funding opportunities.

Pancreatic islet transplantation into the bone marrow

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2089

  Topic: Islet transplantation     Category:

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Autologous dermal fibroblasts for the correction of age-related skin changes (SPRS-therapy®). Results of 2-year clinical trials and post-marketing clinical studies

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2084

Metabolic surgery and beta cell regeneration in type-1 diabetes: a novel hypothesis

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2068

  Topic: Stem cell replacement of islets     Category:

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The metalloporphyrin BMX-010 in human islet isolation and clinical transplantation

CellR4 2016; 4 (3): e2066

  Topic: Islet transplantation     Category:

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