Volume 2 - Issue 2

Volume-2-Issue-2The early embryonic life: a Place harboring the information for our journey throughout the adulthood. The image is captured from a textile artwork (Julia von Stietencron, Art Director of VID, Visual Institute of Developmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy) representing the primordial of life as the self-assembling of forms in the presence of physical energies (i.e. electromagnetic energy and mechanical/sound vibration) symbolized by dark/light patterning and colored beams spreading throughout a network of assembling morphogenetic layers. A movie of the artwork (10 m long, 3 m high, 3 m wide) represented as an audio/video installation, with light and sound vibration is available at: Youtube.com

CellR4 2014; 2 (2): e883

Possible consequences of non-adherence to immunosuppression: a case of acute T-Cell mediated kidney rejection and IgA nephropathy

CellR4 2014; 2 (2): e852

Cellular Repair and Reversal of Aging: the Role of NAD

CellR4 2014; 2 (2): e845

The Cardiac Regenerative Potential of Myoblasts Remains Limited Despite Improving their Survival Via Antioxidant Treatment